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As a small, local business, we have taken the time over the years to listen to what our customers want. We understand the importance of savings & value; it's important to us too! Our family-owned and operated business takes pride in our ability to offer personalized care to each and every customer. We are happy to extend savings on our services ranging from a FREE truck rental* to special deals on moving & packing supplies and seasonal offers.

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First-responder Discounts

Our first-responders, especially the police and fire department of Freeport, serve and protect our community day after day. As our way of giving back, we offer a discount to all first-responders on new storage unit rentals.

Veteran Discounts

As a veteran-owned business, we thank all of our veterans for their service to our country while also offering veteran discounts on new storage unit rentals.

Military Discounts

To show our appreciation for those who defend and serve our country, we're proud to offer military discounts on new storage unit rentals.

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Senior Discounts

We value our community’s senior citizens, so we offer special discounts for seniors on new storage unit rentals.

Non-profit Discounts

Freeport Self Storage provides storage to a number of non-profit organizations and we are happy to offer discounts on new storage unit rentals to all non-profit organizations for their efforts.

Truck Rentals

Freeport Self Storage offers hourly and daily truck rentals as well as a free truck rental program for new storage unit rentals. Our 15-foot moving truck is available to help you transport your items to your storage unit is as few trips as possible.

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